From the Principal

Principal Mr Mike Clisby
Australia needs young men and women who have grown up in a secure but challenging environment with biblical values that last. In a rapidly changing world, which places increasingly complex demands on the individual, there is a need for young men and women who have the capacity to be leaders and to stand up for that which they know is right.
Our children must have knowledge, flexibility and determination to succeed. We want them to be young men and women with love in their hearts, caring concern for others and the character to achieve whatever goals they might set for themselves.
Among the young people who have this capacity will be those who have learned to respect themselves and others and to love God and their fellow human beings.
Horizon Christian School aims to develop student’s values and leadership potential in a caring and Christian environment, through the work of committed Christian teachers. We also encourage positive attitudes toward staff, schoolwork and life in general. We foster the development of close associations with parents regarding their child’s progress at school.
Horizon Christian School cares about its students being able to grow up with positive values so that they may be fine citizens of the Kingdom of God in Australia.
I look forward to talking with you about the many ways Horizon can support your family with the education of your children.
Michael Clisby