Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Behaviour


Students at Horizon are encouraged to give their best in all situations.  Our Behaviour Improvement Programme (BIP) encourages students to understand the moral reasons why we should behave 'well'.  We work to instill in students biblical principles for appropriate behaviour.  We provide an environment which fosters and celebrates these sorts of behaviours. 



Your child will be encouraged to develop the following character-building qualities:-

- Self discipline

- Hard work

- Commitment

- Dedication to a task

Your child will be encouraged to apply these qualities to all aspects of their life. 



At Horizon, the Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy ensures students, staff and parents can work together to provide a safe, caring and productive learning environment that supports children in their learning and teachers in their teaching. Our approach to bullying and harassment is supported by a strong Christian ethos and an inclusive, whole school approach.

Bullying, harassment and violence is not tolerated at Horizon.  We look to positively contribute to your child's development by redressing any inappropriate behaviour in a caring, Christian manner.  Respect for others and authority is taught and fostered and all behaviour at Horizon should encourage a positive learning and social environment for everyone.  The success of this approach is one of the reasons why Horizon is a great place for your child to learn.