Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the ministry of care and counselling providing emotional and spiritual support, social and moral education and behaviour management.  

At Horizon, a positive and supportive culture is promoted and encouraged, and pastoral care features prominently in all aspects of school life.  We seek to provide a nurturing, safe and caring environment providing students with the essential foundation for productive and happy learning outcomes.

The well being of students is managed through a pastoral care system implemented through the school curriculum, House system and staff development.  Every member of staff has a responsibility for the pastoral care of students. However, our dedicated and specialised councillors work to provide advice, support and assistance to students, staff and families in events such as bereavement, illness or family breakdown.  They also work in conjunction with staff in situations within the school community such as bullying and harassment.  They can liaise between school and home life situations as required and work to promote strong relationships with all students but particularly focusing on those students requiring support and assistance.