Years Foundation - 6

Our Primary School places a strong emphasis upon Literacy and Numeracy using a combination of traditional and cutting edge methods.  

Students in these years are welcomed to school and encouraged to support the caring and productive classroom settings that are characteristic of our school.  We provide an engaging place of learning for students and a strong emphasis is placed upon the spiritual growth of each student.  Students are provided with the foundation for valuable life skills in a Christ-centred environment, which nurtures and develops their Christian faith.


Transition from Kindergarten to Primary School

Making the transition from kindergarten to school is both an exciting and daunting step for your child.  Horizon provides a transition program ensuring a happy and successful start to school.  Your child will experience school life through a number of classroom visits in the term prior to starting school.  This provides children with an understanding of what to expect when they come to school.


The Process of Transition

Our Foundation teachers visit the kindergartens in the district during Term 4 of each year.  This gives the children an opportunity to meet and familiarise themselves with their future teachers.  Kindergarten children that are enrolled to attend school at the beginning of the new year are invited to attend a series of school visits during Term 4.  These visits provide the new children with an opportunity to experience a typical day at school.  They begin with short school visits once a week in the mornings consisting of lesson time and play time.  The visit sessions continue over a five week period, with visits increasing to twice weekly and up to a full day session.  By slowly introducing your child to school in this manner, they are very aware of what to expect on their first day as a student at Horizon.