I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to go to Horizon, and would recommend the school to anyone. I enjoyed going there as I felt it was a school where everyone belonged and fitted in. What I loved about the school was the foundations it was built upon, the fact that the Lord was at the centre of the school and you could see His presence shining through all the staff members. Teachers would put the students’ needs before their own and were always willing to help.

Being a part of a smaller school means that you know all of your class mates and become like a family. Horizon to me was like a family, they all understood and cared. The friends I made there will be my friends for life, and the school is committed to everyone of its students. Horizon taught me to develop leadership skills and be a good role model especially to the younger students as it is R-12.

While I was at Horizon I was able to grow as a Christian and build on my relationship with God and felt supported by the school community. And even though I have now finished my schooling, I still feel as though I have support from the school.

Katie (former student)



After moving through multiple schools during my childhood I have found that all have had many positive and some negative aspects (Horizon fewer than most). When I first began at Horizon I was a little nervous as it is one of the larger schools I have attended. Almost instantly, however, I was welcomed into the Horizon “family” and I felt so relieved to be accepted. By the Friday assembly of my first week at Horizon, I was adamant that Horizon Christian School was the best school I had ever been to, and that I wanted to finish my schooling there. During my 3 years at Horizon, years 10, 11 and 12, I experienced amazing levels of support both from the staff and my peers. Especially in the lead up to and during my year 12 exams. The staff would go out of their way to do whatever possible to help our study effort, even if that did mean a bit of tough love.

After completing year 12 and getting a decent TER (I was happy with it), I dismissed all thoughts of going to university to take up an apprenticeship in stone-masonry. Once again, the staff and students at Horizon were so encouraging. 2 weeks prior to the start of my apprenticeship, after doing about a month of part-time work at the stone-masons, I had a change of heart. I realized that making monuments wasn’t my passion, and that God was calling me into a completely different field.

When I approached Mr Clisby, my former year 12 English teacher and principal, and told him about my change of plans, he gave me insight and hints to help me as I venture into  the world of the semi-unknown. 

Horizon was one of the most valuable learning experiences that I have ever had, teaching me about myself, others and God. The Horizon experience changed my life, and I hope that you or your children can have that revolutionary experience too. My dream is to be able to return to Horizon once I have finished my degree and have the privilege of teaching primary students alongside the other wonderful staff.

Ryan (former student)



The school's education programme is greatly enriched by the participation of parents and carers.  When parents and carers give service to the school they also benefit by gaining insight into the high quality of the school programme.  Parental involvement is vital in building a strong and caring school community where we all work together for effective teaching and learning.



Use Of Facilities

Please fill out and submit the attached form if you wish to hire our facilities.  The use of the facilities will need to conform with the ethos of the school.

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Sporting Fixture




 Term 1

 Term 2

 Term 3

 Term 4

Week 1





Week 2


SACSA Basketball

Tues 2nd August, Wed 3rd August, Thurs 4th August and Friday 5th August - The Lights Community & Sports Centre, Lightsview (Years 7/8 & 9/10).


SACSA Basketball

Tues 25th October, Wed 26th October, Thurs 27th October - The Lights Community & Sports Centre, Lightsview (Years 3/4 & 5/6).

Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


SACSA Cross Country

Tues 31st May - Carisbrooke Reserve (Main North Road, Salisbury Park)

SACSA Netball

Wed 24th August, Thurs 25th August, Fri 26th August - SADNA Courts, Golden Grove (Years 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 & 9/10).




Week 6

SACSA Swimming

Tues 8th March - Aquatics Centre, North Adelaide



Week 7


Week 8


SACSA Football

Mon 12th September @ West Beach, Tues 13th September @ West Beach, Wed 14th September, Thurs 15th September, Friday 16th September - West Beach and Kings Baptist School.


Week 9


Week 10

SACSA Athletics

Mon 4th April - SA Athletics Stadium (U8 - U12 - Primary)

Tues 5th April - SA Athletics Stadium (U13 - Open - Secondary)


Week 11