Years 7 - 9

At the approach of Middle School, adolescents are showing awareness of, and concern for the world around them whilst trying to determine where they fit into it.  It is a stage of life that presents challenges physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.  

The Middle School at Horizon embraces this stage of life by providing a challenging and engaging curriculum delivered by a smaller team of specialist teachers in a caring and understanding environment.  We place great emphasis upon strengthening quality relationships between teachers and students for positive and successful learning outcomes.  In addition to academia, a diverse range of activities are offered to students including sports and fitness, music and singing and drama and dance.  This provides students with every opportunity to discover and develop their God-given talents and strengths through both academic and extra curricular avenues.

Instrumental Music

An exciting aspect of the Middle school curriculum at Horizon Christian School is the Instrumental Music Program. Commencing in Year 5 and continuing until the end of Year 9, students spend a semester studying each of the following:

- Saxophone

- Keyboard

- Trumpet

- Harmonica

- Guitar

- Bass guitar

- Clarinet

- Violin

- Cello

- Ukulele