School Fees & Charges 2021

Payment of Fees

School fees are payable each term. These fees cover tuition, most excursions and stationery including the use of textbooks and consumable items. Stationery, books and other materials remain the property of the school.

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The following table shows the basic fees for 2021 but please make sure that you contact the school for confirmation of these amounts before making any decisions.The schedule shows the fees that are charged along with any discount for families where more than one child is enrolled at HCS or where families are eligible for the School Card as approved by the State government.The following approximate sibling discounts apply: 2nd child 25%; 3rd child 50%; 4th child 100%.
A school card discount of 50% of the normal fee applies to qualifying families (see below).This table shows the complete fee structure.



Annual Tuition Fee
  1st child 2nd child 3rd child 4th child

Senior School (10-12)

Full Fee $3,210 $2,410 $1,605 nil
With School Card $1,605 $1,205 $805 nil

Middle School (7-9)

Full Fee $3,050 $2,290 $1,525 nil
With School Card $1,525 $1,145 $765 nil

Primary School (4-6)

Full Fee $2,770 $2,080 $1,385 nil
With School Card $1,385 $1,040 $695 nil

Primary School (F-3)

Full Fee $2,530 $1,900 $1,265 nil
With School Card $1,265 $950 $635 nil




The School Card discount is NOT automatic. At the beginning of each year you must apply to the Department of Education, Training & Employment (DETE) and receive official notification that you are eligible for the School card benefit, before the School can make concession. You can visit the DECS website for up-to-date information about School Card.

Note that the information on the DECS website is updated each January.

The tuition fee will be invoiced at the full rate until such time as official notification of eligibility is received by the School.  

Please contact the school for the appropriate Application Form and due dates for lodgement. The lodgement dates and Application Forms will not be available until the end of January.  

To assist themselves and the school, we urge families who believe they could qualify for school card to complete the appropriate application forms.


 Other Fees & Charges

  • Camps / Some excursions
  • Subject Levies for Yr10-12 Outdoor Education and some other subjects may apply
  • Subjects chosen via Open Access College/TAFE may attract a charge
  • Once-off "Offer of place" fee of $20 upon submission of enrolment form
  • A book shop is available from the Front Office for students to purchase extra stationery.
  • Non Compulsory Building fund donation of $50-$200 per family
  • Bus fee’s applicable to students travelling on new Horizon buses as per chart below


Annual Bus Fee  
  1st child 2nd child 3rd child 4th child
Two Wells
Full Fee $200 $100 $50 nil
Full Fee $200 $100 $50 nil
Hamley Bridge
Full Fee $200 $100 $50 nil
Full Fee $200 $100 $50 nil
Full Fee $200 $100 $50 nil
Full Fee $200 $100 $50 nil
Full Fee $200 $100 $50 nil
Port Wakefield
Full Fee $200 $100 $50 nil


Temporary Fee Assistance: We are pleased to be able to offer financial assistance to families in genuine need either on an ongoing basis or for a specific time frame. Temporary Fee assistance must be applied for in writing on an annual basis. See attachment.