Language & LOTE

At Horizon, LOTE is an integral component of the school curriculum.  The knowledge of a second language enhances students linguistic and cognitive abilities as well as increasing their creative output.  This is turn extends the knowledge of the first language.  The opportunity to learn about and understand another culture in the world increases their global awareness and enriches their education and future career prospects.

As of 2017, Indonesian has been introduced as the LOTE at Horizon and is taught to all students from Foundation to Year 8.  Lessons are carried out weekly in an engaging environment, enhancing students productivity and ability to learn.

Why Indonesian?

Research suggests that Indonesian is a very accessible language and has an uncomplicated system of grammar and vocabulary making it possible to achieve a basic level of conversation in a relatively short amount of time.  Indonesia is Australia's largest and closest neighbour in the Asian region and a major trading partner and has an ever growing economy which means future growth in job opportunities.   Learning Indonesian can provide a competitive advantage towards securing employment in these roles.