Technology at School


Electronic devices allow students to gain access to the internet for research, create animation, movies and 3D designs, record and edit photos, sound and video, create media rich presentations, collaborate online with fellow students locally, interstate or overseas and much more.  Students with an electronic device can learn anywhere at any time.  

Students from Years 7-12 are required to bring their own device to school for the purposes of learning in the classroom and at home.  This provides students with access to the latest technological advances and provides an engaging and interactive platform in which students can develop thinking skills and learning outcomes.  This device should meet at least the following specifications:

Full windows OS 8.1 or 10 (or MAC equivalent)

Wi-fi and a minimum 1 USB port



10.1" screen

6 hour minimum battery life

Insurance is available for devices through the school.  Contact the office for more details.



With the rise in computer use and inappropriate material on the internet, it is important that our children are kept safe. The school places a very strong emphasis on cyber safe practices, a filtered environment and teachers supervision to provide a safe learning environment for students.  When at home, parents are advised to supervise any internet use and consider setting limits on screen time.  It is the responsibility of each student to adhere to the terms of the Computer and Internet Use policy.  The Computer Use Policy is designed to safeguard our students and to ensure proper and acceptable usage is adhered to.  Once read and discussed together, students and their parents are required to sign the policy at the commencement of their schooling at Horizon and are to be held responsible for their actions whilst using the computers and other electronic mobile devices, internet and online communication services.